Ten-Stormwarning (Frontiers Records)

12 May

This is new work of Ten. A band that has been active over 20 yeras now. This is their 11th
release and their 8th album. The style of the band could be characterized as a mix between
melodic metal and pomp rock. The band seems to be in a really good form in this album.The album contains real melodic metal/pomp rock hymns like “Endless Sympony” , “Kingdom Come” and “Destiny”. The only disadvanatage of the album is that after the middle of it it becomes too soft.It the best album that Ten made since the Spellbound/Babylon period though. In conclusion Ten is a really great band for the fans of melodic hard rock with many pomp elements in theri sound so the fans of this hard rock subgnere should really invest!

P.S. : The cover is really great!


                                           7,5/10 Ioannis “Knight of Light” Kaskamanidis


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