Warrant – Ready to command 2010 (Pure Steel)

12 May

This is a compilation cd from this German power/speed metal band which has nothing to do with the american band with the same name. They first released an EP in 1985 entitled “First Strike”and in the same year they released their full lenth album entitled “The enforcer”. This compilation contains two songs which were in their second unreleased album.The songs are named “Flame on the show” and “When the sirens cal”l and they are two very good songs!! The cd also contains two live tracks.The tracks that I liked more from their EP are” Satan” and “Bang that head” while from the album I enjoyed more the anthems” Nuns have no fun” and the homonym track. Warrant are good in their style so the fans of old school spped/pwer metal should invest.For the rest of you this is an intresting release so you can give it a try.


                                      8/10 Ioannis “Knight of Light” Kaskamanidis


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