Whitesnake-Forevermore (Frontiers Records)

15 May

WHITESNAKE’s comeback album (2008’s “Good to Be Bad”) was a nice surprise; not many people thought that David Coverdale & Co. could write a solid good hard rocking album after all these years. When it was announced that WHITESNAKE would release a new album in 2011, my thoughts (and bets) were that the band would have run out of good songs and ideas. I was so wrong! The new songs are not just good. They are absolutely amazing! I never could have thought that come 2011, WHITESNAKE would release such a monster record! What can I say? The guitar work is just immense! The rhythm section is first class. Mr. Coverdale’s voice is not as it used to be 25 years ago, but give credit to the man; he gives everything he’s got!
Quite a few of the songs sound like they were written back in the “Saints and sinners”/”Slide it in” era! The opener “Steal Your Heart Away” sets the pace and you also get a whole bunch of great hard rockers like “All out of Luck”, the band’s first single “Love Will Set You Free”, “Tell Me How”, “Love and Treat Me Right” (simply breathtaking), the 1987-influenced “Dogs in the Street”, “Whipping Boy Blues” and “My Evil Ways”. There is a nice ballad (“Easier Said Than Done”) with the closer being the track that named the record: “Forevermore”; An epic that instantly brings “Sailing Ships” to mind. You will probably be able to find a couple of fillers as well. Don’t let that put you off. If you consider yourself to be a fan of hard rock music, do yourself a favour and get this record. It is pure hard rock heaven.


                                                    9/10 Kostas Rigas


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