Rebellion (US)-And The Battle Begins… (UN Records)

18 May

As a far as I know this American band has not released anything else but this LP/tape. The line-up of this band is: Mike Moreira (drums), Greg Andree (bass),Chris St. Pierre (keyboards), Mike Doyle (rhythm guitar), Eric Andree (lead guitar) and Ed Snow (vocals). This is a Christian metal band and as many other Christian bands their main influence is QUEENSRYCHE. But this band fortunately is not just a copy of them but has several other U.S. metal influences such as HEIR APPARENT, LETHAL, etc. So their musical style can be characterized as technical U.S. power metal. The whole release stands at a very high level but the anthems that appealed to me the most were the homonym track and “Only Time Can Tell”. Rebellion stand on a high technical level, the production is good and the high-pitched vocals are really impressive. This is one of the most highly recommended American metal releases. Try to find it because unfortunately it hasn’t been re-released.

After that LP tape Rebeelion releaseased a demo in 1993 and a mini cd in 2001 in the same musical vein.


                    (site for more informations about Rebellion)

                      (Youtube channel of original guitarist of Revellion)

                       Ioannis  “Knight of Light ”  Kaskamanidis


song from mini cd of Rebellion

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