Scarlet Rayne-Theater Huminatarian (Arkeyn Steel)

18 May

This is the re-release of the only album by this great U.S. metal band. This a vinyl re-release of this album which was re-released on CD three years ago. The vinyl re-release is in 525 copies. The first 150 vinyl copies will be heavy vinyls and their colour will be transparent purple. The last 375 will be black and regular vinyl

copies. However all of them are gatefold. The CD edition is limited to 2000 copies. Both formats contain four bonus tracks and have been remastered. “Theater Humanitarian” is a real gem for those who like QUEENSRYCHE, but the fans of melodic power metal should listen to it, too!! I really like the whole album but “Scarlet Rayne”, “Covered Fear” , “Alpha & Omega” and “Sands of Time” are probably the best. This is one of the best re-releases made by a Greek record label. Scarlet Rayne’s album is really good and at the same time both its sound and its package are really great as well!This is one of the albums that every fan should at least try to listen to no matter the metal genre (s)he is into!!


                                             9/10 Ioannis “Knight of Light” Kaskamanidis


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