Black Sword Thunder Attack-In Hell’s Reign

20 May

This a 3 track demo from this Greek metal band that comes from Kalabaka, a city in central Greece. Black Sword Thunder Attack had also released a promo a couple of years ago which contained only one song. The style of the band is very similar to LORDIAN GUARD. The production of course isn’t so good while the vocals of Stergios Sioulas has some resemblance to the vocals of LORDIAN GUARD’s singer which were done by a woman!! I really enjoued the whole demo. The three songs “Don’t Hear the Sirens”, “On the Way of Acheron” and “Evil Sorcery” are on the same level but “Evil Sorcery” is my favourite. The guitar work of Christos Pyrgos is really great! The lads are soon going to release their new work. As far as I know the demo was released only on casette format and it costs 3 Euros. In conclusion this is a very good release for the fans of epic metal with a touch of an unusual sound!! So the friends who like bands who play epic metal with some kind of “weird” atmosphere like LORDIAN GUARD, MANILLA ROAD, STYGIAN SHORE, CIRITH UNGOL, etc. should invest! The rest of you should invest your money on other releases.


                                           Ioannis  “Knight of Light”  Kaskamanidis


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