Big Daisy-Fever

22 May

It’s sad but true the fact that a very significant percentage (some rise the percentage to 75%) of the N.W.O.B.H.M. music comes not from LP’s but from EP’s, 7”, 12” and demos. Here we have a magnificent 7” from a power trio from Lichfield, named Big Daisy. The leader of that band is Mervyn Spence. Mervyn Spence was a member of  WISHBONE ASH between 1983 and 1986. In that period the band recorded the album “Raw to the Bone” (1985). He also participated in 1982 in the line-up of TRAPEZE. Then he participated in a project called PHENOMENA (as a songwriter, performer & executive producer) with significant musicians such as Glen Hughes, Cozy Powell and Scott Gorham recording 3 albums. After that he formed a band called O’Ryan and he released two albums, “Something Strong” (1991) and “Initiate” (1995). The style of these albums is top class AOR music. In the meantime between these two releases he formed FACE FACE releasing “Childhood Dreams” in the same musical vein. In 2000 with a group called PURPLE CROSS he released an album called “Eyes of the Mirror”. I am saying all these because I want to show you how officious was the leader of the band. This 7” consists of two songs which have the same duration. These two songs are two hard rock-ish tracks of N.W.O.B.H.M. origin with a really good guitar work from Roger Fox and nice high-pitched vocals from the leader of the band. Personally I like not the homonym track of the 7” but the other track “Footprints on the Water” even though both anthems stand in a very high quality level!! The band has also a demo which contains six more tracks but unfortunately I did not manage to hear them but if their quality is so high as these two tracks then we are just talking about one of the finest N.W.O.B.H.M. bands!!!

                                   Ioannis  “Knight of Light ”  Kaskamanidis


song from the bands’ 8 track demo!!!

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