Orchid-Capricorn (The Church Within Records)

12 Jun

There are some bands whose selling point is their tendency for novelty. There are some other bands which don’t care about novelty and their selling point is that the style they follow and play is reallygood! This is the first full length album of this American band who has also released their EP “Through the Devil’s Doorway” back in 2009. Orchid is the band that is more similar to the ’70s BLACK SABBATH style I have ever heard!! Their similarity is really big!!! They have a better production, of course, and their vocalist is better than Ozzy Osbourne, but other than that they sound IDENTICAL to BLACK SABBATH!!! Fortunately they also have good songwriting skills. The tracks that I liked more are “Eyes Behind the Wall “, “Electric Father ” and the homonym track. Overall Orchid’s “Capricorn” is one of my favourite albums for 2011 along with ARTIZAN’s “Curse of the Artizan” and ALPHA TIGER’s “Man or Machine”!!!! So the fans of the classic SABBATH sound should buy this with closed eyes but I also think that everyone should listen to this work no matter what!!


                                      9/10 Ioannis “Knight of Light” Kaskamanidis


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