Winter Crescent-Battle of Egos (private)

16 Jun

This is the first release of Winter Crescent.This greek progressive metal band that was formed in Heraklion (the fourth largest city of Greece) in 2000 and they play progressive metal. The truth is that I am not into progressive metal music that much the last few years, but this band is really good. They are definitely one of the best bands I have listened to in this genre the last years. Their work has seven songs, it lasts about 35 minutes and their songwriting manages to keep the listener’s interest intact throughout. Their songs can be listened to not only by prog metal fans but also from all the metal fans in general and this is really important!!! The vocals of Nikos Spiridakis are really good, the other lads are good at what they do as well, the production is strong and balanced and the artwork is quite interesting. Maybe the best tracks are “The Battle of Egos Part 2” and “Lost in Dreams”. So overall we have here a good progressive metal release which should be checked out by all metal fans!! It seems that Greece produces good progressive metal releases lately!!


                                     8/10 Ioannis “Knight of Light” Kaskamanidis


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