Pavlov’s Dog-Echo and Boo (RockVille Music)

05 Jul

This is the new, fifth, album of Pavlov’s Dog. The band which made two hyper-classics albums back in the ’70s (Pampered Menial and At the sound of the Bell) returns now with a brand new album. Their new album is good at the muscial style of the aformentioned albums. It has good tunes but the ones that really made be want to hear them again and again were “Angeline”, “We all die alon”, and “Jubilation’. The voice of Surkamp is still in a good level even though it is not so high pitched as it used to be!  The fans of the band and theclassic rock fans should buy that immediately!!!The others should try to listen to it!


                                8/10 Ioannis “Knight of Light” Kaskamanidis


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