Axevyper-Axevyper (My Graveyard Productions)

22 Sep

This is the first album of AXEVYPER. It’s released by a good record label, My Graveyard Productions, which has released really good stuff lately. AXEVYPER is a new Italian heavy metal band, but their members have played in various metal bands before. Their music could be characterized as heavy metal with some epic metal touches. Their singer is Luca “Fils” Cicero, who used to sung in ASSEDIUM. On this album there are some guest musicians like Tann from IRONSWORD and George Call from OMEN/ASKA. The songs that I enjoyed the most were the homonym hymn (!!!), “Forever Young” and “Faster than the Law”. The last track of the album “Non Finita Qui” is sung in Italian but it’s also a good song with obvious IRON MAIDEN influences while “Roadster” is an anthem dedicated to MANILLA ROAD. Especially the homonym song is one of the best songs I have heard last year but the whole albums has remarkable tracks in general. In conclusion this is a really good album and the friends of classic metal should definitely buy it and for them the grade is of course higher!!! We hope for an even better sophomore album while this one will definitely be on my top list for this year’s albums. 2010 has proven to be a really great year for the fans of traditional metal with a couple of exceptions like IRON MAIDEN, HELSTAR, etc. The ones that don’t like the classic metal sound should definitely stay away from this release!

P.S.: Axevyper will release their new album in about a month from now and in the same record label. Some samples are on the internet right now and from them I can tell that their second album will be in the same musical style.


                                     8,5/10  Ioannis “Knight of  Light” Kaskamanidis


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