The Last Things-Circles and Butterflies (Arkeyn Steel)

29 Oct

This cd is a re-release of this Florida based power/progressive metal band. THE LAST THINGS was formed after from the ashes of the previous group that some members had. The band prior to forming this band was called BLACKKOUT. Their only album was also re-released by Arkeyn Steel Records. The style of THE LAST THINGS is power/progressive metal as we have already mentioned. The CD contains 16 songs(!!), five of which are bonus tracks!! These bonus tracks are from their 1990 and 1994 demos. The first 500 copies (from the overall 1000) will have a bonus DVD with a live appearence of BLACKKOUT, too!! The best songs of the album are “51216” (the second best of the album!!), “Cassandra”, “Inside the Circle”,  and “The Spirit Lives”. As you can see two of the three songs are from the band’s really great 1990 demo!! Even though their 1990 demo is great “Circles of Willis”, which was contained on the album, is a really great anthem – surely the best track of the entire CD – because it reminded me of the best moments of WATCHTOWER!! The vocals of Richard Elliot IV are good, the technical level of the band is high and the production is as it should be with the precious help of Kostas Scandalis who  remastered the songs! Elliot also manages to combine nice and interesting instruments like the flute in metal music! I also really liked the artwork and the booklet of “Circles and Butterflies”! For those who have the original cd we should say that the remaster that has been done is really great! Also the bonus tracks are really good and not left-over tracks. Even though I am not so much into the progressive metal stuff, I liked this album a lot! In  conclusion this is a really must buy release for the fans of power-progressive metal

P.S.: There is a big interview of Elliot about BLACKKOUT and THE LAST THINGS in the last issue of Snakepit (number 20)!


                           (The Last Thing’s record label)

                                  8,5/10 Ioannis “Knight of Light” Kaskamanidis


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