Fortress Under Siege-The Mortal Flesh of Love (Metal Mad Music)

04 Nov

Fortress Under Siege is a Greek metal band which plays power/progressive metal. Fortress Under Siege released an homonymus EP back in 1996 and now they have their first full length album out. Both of their works were released by the same label which hadn’t put out anything for a couple of years. Their EP was a really good release but its  production wasn’t good and that had a negative impact on the final result. Nowadays this EP is quite rare… The production on this album is by far better than that on their EP but the cover of the album is irrelavant with the music style that the band plays.I really prefer the cover of their EP!! The album is good in general, the members of the band know how to play their instruments and the vocals of Michalis Smeros are really great!!! The best songs of the albums are maybe “Deeds of all Disgrace”, “Gods of War”, “My Foulest Sin” and “Blind Faith”. Overall this is a really good work that  friends of power and progressive metal should support!!! This is one of the best albums in its genre for 2011!!We hope that they return soon with a new work!!

P.S.: You can order the cd from the band’s website!!


                                     8,5/10  Ioannis “Knight of Light” Kaskamanidis


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