Riot-Immortal Soul (Steamhammer-SPV Records)

21 Nov

This is the new album of this really great metal band from New York!! RIOT released their first album back in the late ’70s. They were among the pioneers of the metal sound!! Their most known album is the great “Thundersteel” which was released in 1988 and is one of my favourite albums while RIOT is one of
my favourite bands ever!! Even though they released 14 albums their career had many ups and downs. This is their 14th album, five years after their previous one. On this album we have practically the “Thundersteel” line up, namely Tony Moore on the vocals, Bobby Jarzombeck on drums, Don Van Stavern on the bass
and of course their mainman Mark Reale on the guitars!!The great thing with “Immortal Soul” is that it’s close to “Thundersteel” in terms of value and it reminds it in some ways, too!! The vocals of Tony Moore are still great, this we managed to hear also on FAITH AND FIRE’s homonymous album, the style of the songwriting and the value of the tracks is close to “Thundersteel” and I think that some of them will become RIOT classics. The drums of Jarzobek were as good as they were back then while the guitar work is great as always!! The album flows really pleasantly just as “Thundersteel”. The production is up to date, the cover is interesting and in general this is a really great release from all aspects!! The best songs are “Riot”, “Still Your Man”, “Wings are for Angels” (already a RIOT classic) and “Son of the Father” (already a RIOT classic too). In conclusion RIOT have managed to make a great comeback. It is for sure THE comeback for 2011 while OVERKILL’s last album was THE comeback for 2010!! I also believe that we will not listen to a better album for 2011 so all  metal fans know what they have to do!!!


                                     9,5/10    Ioannis “Knight of Light” Kaskamanidis


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