Steelwing-Lord of the wasteland (Noise Art Records)

06 Dec

This is the first full length album of this new Swedish metal band! STEELWING play classic heavy metal the way it should be played. One of their basic influences is definitely IRON MAIDEN!! The album is really good and doesn’t tire you because it doesn’t last so much. The songs are all good but I could say that some of them appealed more to me. These are: “Headhunter”, “The Nightcrawler”, “Point of Singularity” and “Clash of the two Tribes”. This album is really a must have for the classic metal fans!!! This is also an album that all metal heads should hear! For me it is one of the top releases of 2010 along with bands like SCORPIONS, ATLANTEAN KODEX, ARRYAN PATH, ENFORCER and SKULLFIST. These days STEELWING are touring with SABATON, but unfortunately we didn’t have the opportunity to see them in Greece! We will wait anxiously for their next step!!

P.S.:STEELWING’s  second album “Zone of Alienation” will be released in the first days of 2012.


                       8,5/10 Ioannis “Knight of Light” Kaskamanidis


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