Spartan Warrior-Behind Closed Eyes (Iron Age)

08 Jan

This is the new album of these N.W.O.B.H.M. legends SPARTAN WARRIOR. SPARTAN WARRIOR released 2 albums back in the ‘80s. Their debut album was titled “Steel and Chains” and was released in 1983 by Guardian Records. The second one was their homonymus album and was released in 1984 by Roadrunner Records. Their second album was officially re-released in 2000 copies by Metal Mind Records 1 ½ year ago. The current line-up has only one difference with the line-up that recorded their second album. Their new release is good and I really enjoyed it. Their style now could be characterized as heavy/power metal with a 2010 sound. The vocals of Wilkinson are still in a good condition and the guitar work of the album is good. For example the solos in “Last Man Standing” and “Flesh and Blood” are great! Unfortunately all of the songs aren’t on the same quality level though. The songs that stand out are “Tear out Your Heart”, “Walking the Line” and “Time”. The grade is only for the fans of traditional heavy metal. The rest of you just give it a try, but it is more possible that this album won’t appeal to you, even though you may find it interesting! In conclusion this is a good comeback but I believe they can be even better in their next step!


                               7,5/10 Ioannis “Knight of Light” Kaskamanidis


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