Mercury Rising-Under a big sky (Arkeyn Steel)

16 Jan

This is a re-release of the stuff from Mercury Rising, a really good band from Baltimore. This release contains the first demo of 1992 and contains an unreleased demo of the band which was recorded in 1991. The cd has also some unreleased live songs. The cd’s running time is 47 minutes. Mercury Rising has also released two albums in 1994 (Upon Deaf Ears) and in 1998 (Building Rome). The whole stuff has been digitally remastered and the cd has also a rich booklet containing lyrics, a biography of the band and unpublished pictures of Mercury Rising. The style of the band is US power metal from the early ’90s era. The basic influence of the band seems to be Queensryche but the band isn’t a clone and I would say that they are more heavy than the most bands which are influenced from Queenssryche.The vocals are really great while the guitar work is very good!! The whole cd is great but the songs “Harnessed Lightning”, “Mercury Risning” and especially the anthem “Under a big sky” are really great! Epecially “Under a big sky” is really a hymn!! Definitely one of the best releases of Arkeyn Steel and of greek record labels in general! The cd is suggested for all the classic metal fans butthe rest of  them should also try to hear it!!


                                    9/10 Ioannis “Knight of Light” Kaskamanidis


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