Granicus-Thieves, Liars & Traitors (private)

30 Jan

Maybe it is the group that has the biggest time gap between its girst release and their second one.Their first homonym album of Granicus was released in 1973 and it was re-released in cd format in 2009. Thisalbum is one of the better undergound ’70s hard rock albums. So the released their second album with recordings that have been made in the period 1973-1974 and the addition of Woody Leffel’s vocals who had left the group right after the release of their homonym album. The new album is between 30 and 35 minutes but there is a 27 minute medley of the songs “When you are moving”,”Back seat of my car” and “Bad talk” which were recorded live at that period. The best tracks of this really good album are probably the homonym, “Space in Time”, “Wizrd of Was and “Taste of Love”.This album is a bit inferior of thier homonym opus but even though it is one of the best albums of ’70’s hard rock nowadays so the fans of the genre should run to buy it. The rest of you can try to listen it.


                                 8,5/10 Ioannis “Knight of Light” Kaskamanidis


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