Virgin Steele-Age of Consent (SPV Records)

05 Feb

This is a re-release of Virgin Steele’s fourth album which was originally released back in 1988. Virgin Steele is an American epic metal band which was formed in New York back in 1981.They have released 12 albums and they have created their own unique sound which can be recognized very easily. Their singer, David De Feis, is the only remaining member from the original line-up. “Age of Consent” has already been re-released back in 1997 by Noise Records. This new re-release will be a double in a digipack edition. The first CD is the Noise Records version of the album while the second one contains five previously unreleased songs plus two bonus tracks. All of these have been remastered by David De Feis himself. There will also be a vinyl edition of the current release. The titles of the unreleased songs, which are on the second CD, are: “Breach of Lease”, “Another Nail in the Cross”, “A Challenging Dawn”, which is an acoustic version of the song “Noble Savage”, “Under the Graveyard Moon” and “Down by the River”. This is an album that I really like and I think it’s one of the classic  Virgin Steele albums. The bonus tracks that this edition contains are all really good tracks, so the whole package is really appealing!! The fans of  Virgin Steele should buy this re-release and those of you who don’t know them do yourselves a favor and discover a great lyrical metal band whose songs are full of great melodies!!


                                          9,5/10 Ioannis “Knight of Light” Kaskamanidis


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