Metalian-Rock Solid (Heavy Artillery)

17 Mar

Metalian is a Canadian band which was formed a couple of years ago. They have released two demos, two splits, an album so far and are now presenting us this EP. From their previous works I have bought their 2009 independent album, “Wasteland”, which was a really great wotk!!! This new release has two songs that were on the “Wasteland” album. So the new stuff of this release is about 20 minutes. The style of the band is really heavy power metal (I wouldn’t say that Metalian play power/thrash) the traditional way!! Their 2009 album “Wasteland” was really exceptional and the songs taken from that album and appear on their “Rock Solid” EP are “Sonic Attack” and “Wasteland”. The four new songs are good, especially the first two songs and the last one (“Conquest”, “Alone Again” and “Motor Maniac”). In conclusion this is a really good release even though “Rock Solid” is a bit inferior compared to their “Wasteland” album and I’m sure it will please all the fans of heavy/power metal!!


                                            8,5/10 Ioannis “Knight of Light” Kaskamanidis


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