T.I.R.-Heavy Metal (Jolly Roger Records)

02 Apr

T.I.R. is an Italian heavy metal band which was formed in 1980 in Rome. Their name stands for Total Inferno Rock. Their members have played in other known Italian bands like Rosae Crucis and Raff.  T.I.R. have released a demo in 1983, a homonymous EP and a 1992 demo named “Mordigli l’ Anima”. From these releases I have only listened to their EP which I really liked! In this EP the band played mid tempo classic heavy metal! Twenty years later they decided to release their first full length album with the self explanatory title “Heavy Metal”. All of the album’s songs are new and haven’t ever appeared in any other T.I.R. release.On this new album the band decided to sing in Italian. Their style is even more straightforward heavy metal with a better production! The album lasts about 42 minutes and flows really pleasantly. The best tracks of the album are probably “Vai”, “Dark Rebel”, “Satan’s Ride” and “Nell’ Anima”. T.I.R.’s “Heavy Metal” is definitely in my top albums list for 2011!! In conclusion this is a really good album in the classic heavy metal style that the fans of this genre should buy!!


                                        8,5/10 Ioannis “Knight of Light” Kaskamanidis


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