Adramelch – Lights From Oblivion (Pure Prog Records)

13 May

Adramelch is an old Italian band. They were founded back in the mid ‘80s and in 1988 they released their first album “Irae Melanox”, a really good album which had a bad sound production.That album had success in the underground circuit but the band disbanded a couple of months later. “Irae Melanox” has been officially re-released two times so far. In 2000 “Irae Melanox” was re-released by Warlord Records and in 2010 by Underground Symphony Records (which also released Adramelch second album). The second re-release is re-mastered and contains a 1987 demo of the band and two previously unreleased songs composed in the late eighties and recorded in 2008. Adramelch along with Dark Quarterer (also an old Italian band from Livorno, which was founded back in 1974 and has 5 albums) created a new metal genre called epic/progressive metal. In 2004 Adramelch were reformed and they released in 2005 a really great album called “Broken History”. Personally I think that “Broken History” is even better than “Irae Melanox” and has of course a way better production. In 2007 the band gave in Greece a really fantastic show!! Now in 2012 they release their third album “Lights from Oblivion”. Their third album has a bit of an “empty” sound production in comparison with “Broken History” and it is more straightforward than their two previous albums. Vittorio Balerio also uses more mid-pitched vocals in comparison with the past. The new album has also more lyrical and melancholic melodic parts rather than the epic melodic parts of their previous works. Even though the new album lasts 62 minutes it has a good flow and it doesn’t tire the listener. The anthems that I enjoyed more were “Lights”, “Aelegia”, “Beyond a Lifetime” and the great instrumental track “Chiaroscuro”. For those who haven’t heard of Adramelch’s music so far I should say that they have their own unique sound and that their sound remains intact even though they make some changes on each album. In conclusion this is a good release that the fans of ADRAMELCH and good metal in general should buy!!!

P.S.: The cover of “Lights from Oblivion” is great while the logo of the band is really cool too!! In their 2007 show I bought an ADRAMELCH good quality T-shirt with their logo on it. They surely know how to offer quality stuff.


                                    8,5/10 Ioannis “Knight of Light” Kaskamanidis


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