Hellwell-Beyond The Boundaries of Sin (High Roller)

03 Jul

This is the first album of Helwell, which is a solo project of Mark Shelton, who, in turn, is the main-man of the mighty Manilla Road!!

So a year after the last Manilla Road album we have his new work with Helwell that carries many influences from Manilla Road, but it has also its unique sound. Helwell aren’t as powerful as Manilla Road and they also have some “weird” keyboard parts in their music which reminded me a bit of ’70s stuff. The album is quite good but it isn’t as good as any of the classic Manilla Road stuff. The tracks that I enjoyed more were “The Strange Case of Dr. Henry Howard Holmes” and “The Tomb of the Unnamed One”. In conclusion this is an interesting work from Mark Shelton. The fans of Manilla Road and the fans of the ’70s sound should try to listen to it!!!

P.S.: The grade isn’t for the fans of Manilla Road. For them it’s higher of course!


                                             7/10 Ioannis “Knight of Light” Kaskamanidis



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