Militia-Strength and honour (private)

20 Aug

Militia is a U.S. power metal band from Texas. They were founded about 28 years ago. Back in the ’80s they released two demos and an EP. Their EP is named “The Sybling” and it is one of the most expensive heavy metal items. It was bootlegged in vinyl format back in the early ’90s but the bootleg is also very expensive now. It was also bootlegged in a CD format a couple of years ago, too. Anyway, Militia managed to reform recently and they decided to release their old stuff in a compilation. Actually they released two compilations, one on CD titled “Released” in 2008 and another one on vinyl, titled “The Second Coming” in 2011. Now they put forth their second official new release, which also happens to be their first full length album, 25 years after their first one. The vocals of Mike Soliz remain really great even though he hasn’t sung for many years. Their debut album has a much better sound than “The Sybling” EP, but even now their sound isn’t as clear and loud as many of the contemporary albums. Overall the album is quite good and the anthems “Furious”, “The Judas Dream” and “Injustice” stand out! The track “Unveil the Faith” has also a really great guitar part in it. In conclusion this is a good release that all the friends of the old school U.S. power metal genre should check out!


                             8/10 Ioannis “Knight of Light” Kaskamanidis


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