Knight Fury-Time To Rock (Pure Steel)

06 Sep

Knight Fury is a new heavy metal band from the USA. Their members are some known musicians.The leader of the band is Chris Sanders who has played in the recent incarnation of Lizzy Borden. Along with him there is Dave Ellefson (Megadeth) on the bass and Ken Mary on the drums (Fifth Angel, Accept, Alice Cooper,  Impelliteri, Chastain, James Byrd, House Of Lords, Bonfire). The vocalist of the band is William King. Their style is mid-tempo heavy metal with updated production and emphasis on melodies and great guitar parts. The album is good overall and justifies the fame of the band members. The voice of King is quite good while the guitar work of Sanders is really great and the rhythm-section is as it should be. Personally I think that the best tracks are “Nothing Left”, “Attack”, “Endless Night”, “Battle for Castle” while the homonym track is also one of the best. The album was produced and released in 2011 by the band itself but now it is being re-released on vinyl format by Pure Steel Records. This edition is special and is limited to 525 copies (425 black vinyl, 100 white vinyl). In conclusion this is a really good album that the fans of traditional metal should hear!!! One of the best albums I have heard lately for sure!


                                                     8,5/10 Ioannis “Knight of Light” Kaskamandis


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