Sacred Heart

16 Oct

Genre: Power metal

Origin: USA


The vision- demo 1989
“Time After Time” – from “Heavy Artillery” compilation (1991, Auburn Records)                                  The vision-compilation 2012

Current line-up:
Byron Nemeth – Guitars
Ed Edwards – Bass
Brian McIntyre – Drums
Mark Herholtz – Guitars
Keith Van Tassel – Vocals

Current label:
Pure Underground (a subdivision of Pure Steel Records)

Official Site:


Sacred Heart

1. Congratulations on your new release! How do you feel right now Byron?

Thanks so much!!! I feel totally great right now and am very thankful to be working with Pure Steel Records in Germany, they are like a family to me over there and I feel really blessed 🙂
2. When was SACRED HEART founded? How did you come up with the band’s name?

SACRED HEART was formed in Cleveland, Ohio in 1989. We came up with the band’s name after DIO’s 3rd Studio album “Sacred Heart”, we loved Ronnie’s music so much that it made a lot of sense at the time to name the band after one of his music works.
3. Which were your basic influences as a band? Which were your influences as a guitarist?

Influences as a band for SACRED HEART were: IRON MAIDEN, very early QUEENSRYCHE, ACCEPT, early SCORPIONS and DOKKEN. Influences as a guitarist is Randy Rhoads, Michael Schenker, Jimmy Page, Steve Vai, Joe Satriani & Paul Gilbert.

4. You have played in several bands so tell us some things about your other bands like BYRON NEMETH GROUP, ELECTRO-MOTIVE FORCE, PRODIGY and MERCURY.

Byron Nemeth Group (BNG) is very much in the style of DREAM THEATER, ELECTRO-MOTIVE-FORCE was in the style of a Metal Instrumental Mahavishnu Orchestra meets Return To Forever, PRODIGY was more like early RAINBOW only more metal and MERCURY was just like very early QUEENSRYCHE.

5. Tell us some things about AMON RA. Are you satisfied by the work that has been done from the Greek label Steel Legacy Records that re-released it.

The release by Steel Legacy came out good and it was a small limited run CD. Pure Steel Records will now be re-releasing the AMON-RA “In the Company of the Gods” as a new VINYL RECORD for 2012!!!! I am VERY excited about this!!!  This is being re-mastered right now for VINYL at my studio. Please contact Andreas at Pure Steel for more information!                                                            PURE STEEL RECORDS Andreas Lorenz

6. Are you satisfied with the work that Pure Underground Records has done for this compilation?

Yes I’m totally satisfied! The new 2012 SACRED HEART CD album cover was done by German Artist Timo Wuerz and it came out just amazing.

7. If I am not mistaken you released a compilation that had stuff from all your bands. I actually own this double CD compilation. Is there any chance that this collection will be re-released?

Funny you should mention this, I am in the middle of re-mastering my entire back catalogue of this exact double CD that you have and will be making a new announcement on all this older material later on this year.

8. Has either SACRED HEART or you an official site from where the fans can buy stuff and be informed about your latest news?

Yes — At all these links:

9. How have the press and fans reacted to the SACRED HEART compilation.

Getting a lot of positive reviews all around the world.

10. Personally I think that the first four tracks of the compilation are really great while the rest of the songs are a bit inferior. Would you agree with me?

The general consensus is that the BNG material at the end should have been released separately but we wanted to have a full CD so that’s why the other material was included. This is why there will be a brand new 2012 version of SACRED HEART with new members and new songs that will represent this exact vintage style that you like from SACRED HEART in 1989. This new 2012 material is being written right now and will have the same flavour as 1989 but with today’s technology. I think people will really like this and Pure Steel Records is 100% behind me doing this 🙂

11. Tell us some things about the lyrics of SACRED HEART and about the cover of the compilation which I really liked.

The lyrics have always been about a futuristic positive forward looking point of view commenting and many good view points, new 2012 SACRED HEART will continue this lyrical style along with the IRON MAIDEN style and launch with a new album! “The Vision” 2012 SACRED HEART’s CD cover was done by German Artist Timo Wuerz, Timo did a great job and everybody really likes it.

12. Do you think that the Internet has helped the bands by making their name known and “offering” samples of their music or has it harmed them because of the free downloading of whole albums? If it is true that both happen, where does the balance hang out more?

I think the key is to focus on Video as the driver to the sale of CD’s, ultimately bands will get paid by licensing streaming rights like in companies like Spotify, downloading will not be an issue too much longer because managing so much music takes a lot of space and time, instant on demand paid service is really where the model is going to right now.

13. There has been a revival of the classic metal sound at least in some countries like Canada, Sweden and maybe Germany. How are things in the U.S.? Do you share the aforementioned view?

Yes the revival is happening in key pockets around the country because of Facebook communication but as a whole commercial radio has yet to catch on, the minute the Internet is standard in brand new cars is the minute that commercial radio will finally be gone forever and finally finished.

14. Recommend to us some new bands from the U.S. and tell us some basic things about them.

There is a band here in Phoenix that I really like called SANCTIONS. Check them out on Facebook!
15. Thank you for the interview! Leave a comment to our readers.

Thanks so much for the great interview!!! If any of the readers have any questions please feel free to contact me at: byron@byronnemeth.comThank You!!!


                                                      Ioannis  “Knight of Light”  Kaskamanidis

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