Pagan Altar-Judgement of the Dead (Cruz Del Sur)

13 Nov

This is a reissue of the first album of this British heavy metal band that was formed in the late ‘70s. Pagan Altar recorded the present album back in 1982 but it was released only in 1998.It was also released on vinyl format in 2005 under the present title which was the original title of the recording. Cruz Del Sur Records decided to   release it on CD.

Pagan Altar is one of the bands that have their own unique sound. Their sound is heavy/doom metal with music influences from the ’70s and weird, unique sounding vocals. Some of the songs here are the same with the ones that we presented on their EP “The Time Lord” and in particular I’m referring to “Judgement of the Dead”,  “The Black Mass” and “Reincarnation”, which as I mentioned earlier can also be found on their EP. The album has four more songs in the same musical style. In conclusion this is a weird and unique sounding band that all the fans of heavy/doom metal should hear!!


Pagan Altar-Judgement


                                                       8,5/10 Ioannis “Knight of Light” Kaskamanidis

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