Invader-Invader (Pure Steel)

26 Nov

Invader is an old heavy metal band from Seattle, USA which was formed back in 1981. The band released one demo and a homonym album in 1992. Their demo was entitled “Demo” and was released in 1987.Their demo had 12 songs (I know only one other band which had demos with so many songs and that’s Anvil Chorus-they are writing their second album now) and was re-released in 2010 on CD format from Metal Treasures Records but I don’t know if this is a proper release or a bootleg. Two songs of the demo made it to the album of Invader. The music style of the demo is similar to their homonym 45 minute album which was re-mastered by Pure Steel Records and will be released in good time with the band’s reunion. The style of the band is heavy/power metal with high-pitched vocals and a unique atmosphere. Gary Cobb has a high-pitched voice but he didn’t remind me of any known vocalist. Invader also uses keyboards in a different way creating their own trademark sound, namely the band has its own way of composing songs. In terms of song writing the whole albums stands on high levels but I think that “Infinite Quest”, “Light Me Up”, “The Uncontrollable Fire” and “Legends” are the best anthems of the album. I should state here that Jeff Olsen has done a really great guitar work for this album. In conclusion this is a really good album but I think that the fans of the heavy/power metal should hear some samples before buying it because Invader has its own unique sound.



                                                          9/10 Ioannis “Knight of Light” Kaskamanidis

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