Exxplorer-A recipe for power

03 Dec

Exxplorer is a US metal act that was formed 30 years ago. They have released four albums up till now. Their last album “Vengeance Rides an Angry Horse”, which was released a year ago, was a pleasant surprise for me.You can read my review for their last album here while you can also read our interview for the album here: The band seems to be in really good shape right now! This is their second album which was released in 1994, nine years after their classic debut album “Symphonies of Steel” (I have it on a digipack leather package). The songs of the album are mainly in the vein of classic heavy metal but there are some songs that could be characterised as hard rock. The majority of the songs are really good and the album flows really pleasantly. The things that make Exxplorer stand out are the really great voice of Lennie Rizzo and the great guitar solos played by Kevin Kennedy and Edward LaVolpe. The songs that I enjoyed more were “Rockin’ Bound”, “Bible Black”, “Rock the Nation” “Just a Dream” and “Beg, Borrow and Steel”. From the hard rock tunes I’d say that “Life’s Seduction” is a really good one. In conclusion this is a nice album (especially for the time when it was released when bands like Pantera were in their heydays) that the fans of traditional heavy metal should at least try to listen to. In general the three albums of Exxplorer that I have listened to (I haven’t listened to their “Coldblackugly” album which was released in 1996) are really worth listening to and I think that the traditional metal fans should try to buy them!!



                                                         8,5/10 Ioannis “Knight of Light” Kaskamanidis

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