Paradox-Tales of The Weird (AFM Records)

28 Dec


AFM Records has gathered a lot of well known metal bands in their roster recently! Paradox is a German heavy/thrash metal band which was founded in 1986.This is their sixth album three years after their last one, “Riot Squad”. “Riot Squad” is their only album that I haven’t heard. Their previous four albums were really good! Paradox is also a great live metal band. I managed to see them at Up the Hammers festival back in 2009 and I was really blown away!! Having the aforementioned data in mind I would say that Paradox is an underrated band. Now as for their new album… it is thrash metal with a contemporary sound. It’s quite good and it reminded me of the band’s fourth album “Electrify” (2008). The album is in the same “climate” and I wouldn’t say that a song stands out. There is also a good cover of “Light in the Black” (Rainbow) which happens to be one of my favourite songs! In conclusion this is a good thrash metal album with a bunch of technical song parts which will please the fans of this metal sub-genre. If you want to know Paradox better you should buy the astonishing “Product of Imagination”, “Heresy” and the really great and really underrated “Collision Course” (also by AFM Records)!!!



                                     7/10 Ioannis “Knight of Light” Kaskamanidis

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