Scorcher-Armageddon From The Sky (Steel Gallery)

16 Jan


Scorcher is a new metal band from Serres (a city in northern Greece). This is its debut album and its  leader is Vagelis Tekas (Tex), an ex- member of DRAGON’s LAIR, a heavy/power metal group which released a homonymous EP back in 2007.Tex after his work with Dragon’s Lair formed a band named Tex and released a six track demo. Then he renamed Tex into Scorcher, that plays epic heavy/power metal with some nice melodic parts. The lyrics of some of the songs have to do with the ancient Greek mythology and history (“Leonidas”, “Argonauts”). The band has also a really great cover while the production of the album is quite good. The vocals of Tex are high-pitched and his guitar work is really good! The album is generally very good for the metal sub-genre it belongs to and has a nice flow because the album is relatively short and all the songs manage to keep the interest of the listener! Scorcher in terms of song writing are really good something which seems to be quite difficult nowadays. For me all the songs are good but I would say that “Leonidas”, “Astral Prison”, “Armageddon from the Sky” and “Double Vision” stand out. Especially the last one is a real metal hymn! For me this is maybe the best album that Steel Gallery Records has released (along with the debut album of Arryan Path and the material of Fatal Morgana). “Armageddon from the Sky” has “something” that makes you want to hear it again and again and this is quite rare nowadays! In conclusion this is one of the best albums for 2012 and the fans of traditional metal should definitely check it out!!


Scorcher-Double Vision


                                              9/10 Ioannis “Knight of Light” Kaskamanidis

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