Crillson – Coming of a New Age (Arkeyn Steel)

22 Jan


Crillson is an American metal band from Alaska (!!!). They were founded back in 1984 and the band name was created by combining the last names of the founding members: Craig (drums), Miller (guitar) and Wilson (bass).They released “Coming of a New Age” back in 1993. I would characterize their musical style as U.S. power metal with several melodic parts. In this re-release we have their debut album re-mastered by Kostas Scandalis (Horizon’s End, Wardrum). This compilation also contains a second unreleased album which was recorded back in 2000. The CD has the really nice cover of their debut album, a suitable sound and is limited to 1000 copies. I would say that the style of their sophomore album is lyrical power metal. Overall the whole stuff is qualitative. Personally I would say that their first album of Crillson  is more my cup of tea. The songs that attracted me more from their debut album were “The Chosen One”, “Destiny”, “Blades” and “The Awakening of the Awareness”. The tunes that I liked more from their second album were “Spirits”, “Let It Go” and “The Last of Life”. The overall sensation when you here this reissue is that you hear a nice power metal band with many lyrical parts in their music. The technical level of the band members is high while the voice of Jesse Rezendes is really fantastic!! Rezendes has a really nice voice both in his low and his high-pitched vocals!!  The band is nowadays active again and they plan to record new material! In conclusion this is a nice re-release for all the fans of (lyrical) power metal!!


Crillson – The Chosen One


                                                  8,5/10 Ioannis “Knight of Light” Kaskamanidis

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