Alloy 20- Part I: Lost in the Veil of Darkness (private)

29 Jan

Alloy 20

Alloy 20 is a new metal band from USA. The band consists of members that have played in other bands. The singer of the band is Jeffrey Grove, who was the singer of Omega Point. They released a really great demo back in 1991 which was re-mastered and officially released in a limited edition (1000 copies) in 2009 by Arkeyn Steel Records. The drummer of the band is Billy Giddings. Giddings has played for Deuce (along with Marty Friedman and Tom Gattis) and with Tension (along with Tom Gattis). Tension is a great U.S. power metal band which released an album in 1986 (“Breaking Point”) that was re-released in 1997 under a different name (“Epitaph”) and with some bonus tracks. Unfortunately “Epitaph” isn’t easily found nowadays so it should be re-released again! The guitarist Michael Ricketts has played in Snydly Crunch (a melodic hard rock/heavy metal band) and bassist John Taylor has played in TYR which released in 1992 the album “Of Law and War”. This is a track EP that the band has released by itself. The style that Alloy 20 plays is similar to the stuff that Omega Point used to play namely power/progressive metal with many melodic parts. One of the major influences of the band and the vocalist (Grove) is Queensryche. The technical level of the band is high while their song writing level is really good. The guitar work of Alloy 20  is really astonishing and the voice of Grove is really fantastic. The songs that I enjoyed more were “More to Give”, “Silent Calls” and “Veil of Darkness”, namely 3 of the 4 tunes of the EP. Especially “Silent Calls” is a really great song where Grove really sings like there is no tomorrow!! Alloy 20 is of the most pleasant surprises for 2012. I hope that the band composes more material and make an album with a record label. In conclusion the fans of power/progressive metal and Queensryche know what to do!!!


Alloy 20-Silent Calls


                                                            8,5 Ioannis “Knight of Light” Kaskamanidis

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One response to “Alloy 20- Part I: Lost in the Veil of Darkness (private)

  1. Rudy Childs

    April 3, 2013 at 8:09 pm

    Please view the official music video from the band that is called “Best newcomer of 2012” by Powermetal and is a 2013 WMIFF BEST MUSIC VIDEO NOMINEE.

    Alloy 20 will be making their live debut at the World Music and Independent Film Festival Awards Gala at the Washington Plaza Hotel, Washington, DC on Saturday August 25, 2013


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