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Northwind-Mythology (No Remorse)

Northwind- mythology

Northwind was a Greek heavy metal band from Thessaloniki. They were formed in 1981 and their first album, “Northcomin’”, was released back in 1982 by Polygram Records.The band released “Mythology” in 1987 by the Greek subsidiary of EMI Records. “Mythology” for me is just one of the best heavy metal albums of all times!!

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Heavenward – Within these Dreams (Pure Undergound)


In some metal magazines they say that the opinions of the editors aren’t identical. This is true for Behind The Veil webzine.In terms of which decade offered the best albums for traditional metal the writer strongly believes that the decade of 1980s had the greatest metal albums. In the decade of 1990s there were also released some Read the rest of this entry »

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Persian Risk-Once A King (vinyl-High Roller, cd-private)


Persian Risk is an N.W.O.B.H.M. act. They were formed in 1979 (!) in Cardiff. Through the decade of the 1980s they released a single (“Calling for You”, 1981), an EP (“Too Different”, 1984) and a full length album (“Rise Up”, 1986). The mastermind of the band is Carl Sentence who has sung in a couple of other bands (Tokyo Blade- Read the rest of this entry »

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