Persian Risk-Once A King (vinyl-High Roller, cd-private)

06 Feb


Persian Risk is an N.W.O.B.H.M. act. They were formed in 1979 (!) in Cardiff. Through the decade of the 1980s they released a single (“Calling for You”, 1981), an EP (“Too Different”, 1984) and a full length album (“Rise Up”, 1986). The mastermind of the band is Carl Sentence who has sung in a couple of other bands (Tokyo Blade- only for live shows, Tredegar, Power Project and Krokus). He decided to reform the band and record new material using “new” musicians. On this new album there are two songs from the past (“Ridin’ High”, “Women and Rock”) and 9 new songs. The style of the new Persian Risk is hard rock the ‘70s way with N.W.O.B.H.M. elements. The album is REALLY good! The voice of Sentence is in really good shape while the guitar work of Persian Risk is astonishing!! The band is also really good in terms of song writing and the album has a smooth flow so it makes you want to hear it again and again! From the new songs I would say that “Asylum”, “Killer”, “Battlecry”, “Fist of Fury” and “Wasteland” stand out. “Once A King” was released in cd format by Persian Risk and in vinyl format by High Roller records. The vinyl format is limited to 500 copies. For me this album is the greatest comeback for 2012!! In conclusion this is a really good album and the fans of traditional hard rock and traditional heavy metal know what to do!!!


Persian Risk-Asylum


                                                  9/10 Ioannis “Knight of Light” Kaskamanidis

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