Heavenward – Within these Dreams (Pure Undergound)

18 Feb


In some metal magazines they say that the opinions of the editors aren’t identical. This is true for Behind The Veil webzine.In terms of which decade offered the best albums for traditional metal the writer strongly believes that the decade of 1980s had the greatest metal albums. In the decade of 1990s there were also released some great albums. The reason why a bunch of albums from these decades have been re-released recently is that they are BETTER than the vast majority of nowadays albums and not cheaper to release. Some of them have very high prices so the labels decide to re-release them remastered and/or with extra material.

After this prologue I think we should see what we have here. Heavenward is a German metal band. This is their debut album that was released originally back in 1991 by a small record label. The CD didn’t have a booklet while the last years it was quite expensive and quite difficult to be found… So Pure Underground (a sub-label of Pure Steel Records) decided to re-release it. The band released also another album back in 1992, “A Future Worth Talking about?”, also by a small record label which was into power/ progressive metal paths. The style of the current album is technical power metal. The music also has some German metal elements. The musicianship of the members is great and the vocalist, Stefan Kessel, is the real “ace” of the band. The album flows pleasantly even though their music is quite technical. The album is really great for the metal sub-genre it belongs to. The only problem with all this technical stuff is that it doesn’t make it easy for you to remember the songs… The best songs of the album are “Systems Going Down”, “Dreams in Disguise”, “Raging Waters” and “Within These Dreams”. The album also contains the 1989 demo of the band as a bonus (which contains one song that is not included in the album). In conclusion this a must have album for the fans of technical power metal but I think that all the fans of traditional metal should try to hear it!!



                                                     9/10 Ioannis “Knight of Light” Kaskamanidis

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