Attic-The Invocation (Van Records)

12 Mar

attic_invocation 2

Attic is a new metal band from Germany. They released their homonym demo a couple of months ago and now they are going to release their debut full length album. Their style is heavily influenced by Mercyful Fate. Especially the voice of Meister Cagliostro is quite similar to that of King Diamond. The guitar work of the album is qualitative, the production is appropriate for Attic’s style and the cover is really interesting! The cover of the album and the lyrics of Attic have to do with the occult.  The songs I liked more were “Funeral in the Woods”, “Join the Coven” and “Edlyn”. The album has also a couple of really nice ambient intros that add to the occult atmosphere that Attic want to create. In general “The Invocation” has a pleasant flow and it is good for its metal subgenre. I would say that if Attic manages to improve its song writing (namely to write songs that stick into your mind), the band will make it to the top!  In conclusion I would say that this is the best album of a Mercyful Fate influenced band that I have heard (along with the second album of Portrait). So the fans of King Diamond know what to do!!


Attic-Join The Coven


                                                  8/10 Ioannis “Knight of Light” Kaskamanidis

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