Top 20 list (2012)

27 Mar


Dark Nighmare



Power Crue-Wretch the eternal tyranny


1 Persian Risk-Once a King
2 Dark Nightmare-Beneath The Veils Of Winter
3 Striker-Armed to the Teeth
4 Scorcher-Armageddon From The Sky
5 Power Crue-Wreck The Eternal Tyranny
6 Air Raid-Night of the Axe
7 Alloy 20-Part I: Lost in the Veil of Darkness
8  Mystery-The World Is A Game
9 Monument-Rock The Night
10 Reverence-When Darkness Calls
11 Dremweaver-Mythreal
12  Turbo Rexx-The Ancient Stories
13 Adramelch-Lights from oblivion
14 Omega Reign-Arise
15 Ruler-Evil Nightmares
16 Tidal Dreams-Once Upon A Tide                                                                                                              17 Accept-Stalingrand                                                                                                                                  18 Overkill-The Electric Age
18 Braveride-Rise of the Dragonrider
20 Natur-Head of Death
P.S.: Power Crue was to be released iin 2011 but it was finaly released in 2012.

There were also some other good releases in heavy/power/progressive vein in 2012 like:

Wardrum – Desolation
Metalmofosis-…Through Space…and Time
Graven Rite – The Summoner’s Pit
Terra Incognita- Barren Land
Militia-Strength and Honor
Demon Dogs-s/t                                                                                                                            Razorwyre – Another Dimension
Forte – Unholy War
Gothic Knights – Reflections From The Other Side
Demon – Unbroken
Obsession – Order of chaos
TRAPPAZAT – From Dusk Till Dawn (the tracks is old stuff)
Steelwing – Zone of Alienation

                                               Ioannis “Knight of Light” Kaskamanidis



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