Valor-The Yonder Answer (Pitch Black)

03 Apr


Valor is a known Greek metal band. Their style is epic/power metal. Their previous album, “Destiny’s Path”, (2008) is one of the best heavy metal albums that I have heard the last years from Greece! Unfortunately I think that this album didn’t get the attention that it deserved. The new album is more power metal oriented, namely I think that the epic parts of Valor’s music have been diminished. The majority of the songs are mid-tempo heavy/power metal, the sound production of Kostas Rigopoulos is really as it should be and the technical level of the band is high! The vocalist (Krouskas) has a really nice voice, which is suitable for the style that Valor play. The cover of their album is also really nice!! Their new album is enjoyable and has a nice flow but personally I would say that “Destiny’s Path” is closer to my taste. The songs that I enjoyed more were “The Yonder Answer”, “Crossroads”, “Choices” and “Follow Me”.  In conclusion this is a good album and the fans of heavy/power metal should support Valor.




                                                7,5/10 Ioannis “Knight of Light” Kaskamanidis


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