Deep Machine-Whispers In The Black (High Roller)

24 Apr

Deep Machine

This is an EP by the British band, Deep Machine, that’s into the N.W.O.B.H.M. scene. They were as popular as bands like early Praying Mantis and early Angelwitch and various live tapes of Deep Machine were floating around the tape trading circuit. Deep Machine released 4 demos back in the ’80s (demo ’80, demo ’81, demo ’82 and demo ’83). The band released in 2011 its 1981 demo as an EP named “Deep Machine”. They are now active again and they decided to release another EP which contains three tracks. The tracks that are old are “Iron Cross” and “Killer”.  “Whispers in the black” is a new one. All the three songs were recorded a couple of months ago. I could characterize their stuff as heavy metal with an updated sound production (you shouldn’t think that “Whispers in the Black” sounds like Pantera, etc – the sound production is suitable to the style that Deep Machine plays). All the three tracks are really good and they have never been officially released before. The track “Whispers in the Black” indicates that the band can still write high quality songs!! For me it is hard to choose one of the three tracks as a favorite. All of them are really good. The guitar work and the vocals are really marvelous. In general all the band members have a high technical level! In conclusion this is a really good EP for the fans of traditional heavy metal. This EP was released in 200 CD copies and on 500 vinyl copies (150 black and white splatter vinyls and 350 black vinyls) so if you want to obtain it hurry up!!


Deep Machine


                                                9/10 Ioannis “Knight of Light” Kaskamanidis

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