Halloween-No One Gets Out (Pure Steel)

30 May

Halowwen-no one

Halloween is a heavy/speed metal band from Detroit. It was formed in 1981 under the name Bitch and the next year they changed their name to Halloween. The band recorded three albums back in the old days and is active again these last few years, having so far released two new albums. “No One Gets Out” was released as the second album of Halloween back in 1991 but it was the third recording of the band (“Victims of the Night” was recorded in 1986 but it was only released in 1997 – the first album of the band was “Don’t Metal With Evil” which was released in 1985). “No One Gets Out” was re-released again in 2001 by Molten Metal Records with 5 bonus tracks from the “Vicious” demos but now this CD is really difficult to be found (I was lucky enough to buy one copy). Pure Steel Records decided to re-release all the 3 old albums of Halloween. The re-release of Pure Steel Records contains only the 12 songs that were originally released in 1991 and not the bonus tracks from the “Vicious” demos.

“No One Gets Out” is a heavy/speed metal album with a dark “atmosphere”. The album stands on high levels in terms of song writing and technique. I’d say that Halloween had their own style in their old albums a fact that I really like. The best anthems of the album are “If I Die You Die”, “Crawl to the Altar”, “Sanity in Danger” & the homonym track. The fans of quality old school metal should buy this really good album.



                                                9/10 Ioannis  “Knight of Light”  Kaskamanidis


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