Halloween-Horror Fire (Pure Steel)

29 Jun

halloween-horror fire


Halloween is a Detroit metal band. They were formed in 1982 under the name of BITCH
but they soon changed their moniker. The band recorded three albums in the old years that
were re-released by Molten Metal Records a decade ago.

They reunited in 2006 and recorded “Horror Fire” that is now being re-released by Pure Steel Records.Halloween also released an album (“Terrortory”) in 2012 by themselves which personally I didn’t like. Their first three albums were strong heavy/power metal with some “dark”/ “horror” elements and they are highly recommended to all the fans of traditional heavy/power metal and to the fans of thrash metal. I would say that “Horror Fire” is the link between the old albums of the band and “Terrortory”. The style is similar to the old stuff of Halloween but the sound of the album is “updated”. I would say that the album
is good in terms of songwriting and technique and even though it lasts over hour it has a pleasant flow that doesn’t tire the listener. “Coming to Life”, “Nobody’s Home”, “The Crush”, “Halloween Night” & “Wake up Screaming” are among the best here. In conclusion this is a good album that all the fans of heavy/power/thrash metal should check out.




                        7,5/10 Ioannis “Knight of Light” Kaskamanidis

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