Arrayan Path-IV:Stigmata (Pitch Black)

12 Jul


This is the fourth album of Arrayan Path which is a band that was formed in Cyprus in the mid ‘90s.They released their really epic debut album “Road to Macedonia” in 2005 via Steel Gallery Records and I am proud to say that when the CDs arrived at the record label

I was the first one who bought it!!! The “Road to Macedonia” track is still one of my favourite metal tracks in general!!! I also bought their sophomore album back in 2010 when it was released. When the years passed Arrayan Path was the first band that I interviewed (for Behind The Veil and in general). So as you can see I won’t be so ‘objective’ heh, heh. The style of the band is heavy/power metal with many epic parts. The voice of Nicolas Leptos is really great while the rest of the band stands on high quality levels. Vagelis Maranis (ex- Sanvoisen) has also made a great job in terms of the sound production. I have managed to see Arrayan Path two times live and I say that they really managed to maintain their high quality standards. I would say that “Clepsydra”, “Midnight and the First” and “Cursed Cannan” are the best tunes of the album. In general I would say that the new album is a bit inferior from the previous ones but it maintains the high standards of the band. In conclusion “IV: Stigmata” will be one of the best heavy/power albums for 2013.



                               8/10  Ioannis  “Knight of Light”  Kaskamanidis

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