Sandstone-Delta Veridian (Limb Music)

07 Aug


Sandstone is an Irish metal band. They were founded back in 2003 and this is their third album.
All of their albums have been released by Limb Music. The style of the band is power metal with
high-pitched vocals and some melodic parts.

I would say that one of the bands that have influenced Sandstone is Queensryche, but I would say
that Sandstone is power metal oriented and not lyrical/progressive metal oriented. The album has
a nice flow and a suitable sound production while the guitar work is remarkable and the vocals of
Sean McBay are really nice. I would say that “Almost Grateful”, “Winter” & “Red Mist” are the best
tunes of the album. In conclusion this is one of the good metal albums for 2013. All the fans of
power metal should check this out.



                                                8/10 Ioannis “Knight of Light” Kaskamanidis



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