Absolon-Darkness Reigns (Liquid Three Records)

23 Sep


This is the debut album of this U.S. metal band.  Absolon was formed a couple of years ago in Florida. The style of the band is melodic power metal and I would say that their basic influence is Queensryche “Darkness Rising” is a concept CD and tells the story of a young man, Derek Blackheart, who sells his soul for fame and riches. He gets what he desires and, after years of being the biggest metal artist in the world, Derek decides he wants out. He takes his own life, only to find that even in death there is no escape from what he has done.

The album is good and it has a nice flow so it manages to maintain the listener’s interest. The vocals of Ken Pike are really great and suitable for the style that Absolon want to play. I also liked the cover of the album (simple but nice) and I think that the sound production is suitable for the style of Absolon. I would say that the tunes that I most enjoyed were “Nail Head”, “Pretender” and “Deaths Frozen Sting”. In conclusion this is a good album that all the fans of power metal should hear.



                                                     7,5/10 Ioannis “Knight of Light” Kaskamanidis

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