Hawkwind-Space Hawks (Eastworld Records)

28 Nov


This is the new album of the famous HAWKWIND which is an old rock band from the UK. They were formed in 1969 and they remain active until today. HAWKWIND is the band that introduced space rock. From the band’s line-up has, at some point, passed Lemmy who after he was fired formed the mighty MOTORHEAD. This is the 27th (!!!) studio album of the band if I am not mistaken. To tell the truth I am not a fan of the band and I have heard only a few of their tunes. Even though I’m not a fan I enjoy a couple of tunes from the band like “Urban Guerilla” and “Silver Machine”.

The new album moves on the path of their previous albums. “Space Hawks” is quite good but it contains 16 (!!!) tracks. The tunes I enjoyed more are “Seasons”, “Assault & Battery” and “Masters of the Universe”. The track that I didn’t like was the 9 minute track “Sacrosanct”. The whole album has a “traveling” and nostalgic mood. In conclusion this is an album that the fans of the rock sound should hear. Of course for the fans of space rock the grade is higher!





                                                      7/10 Ioannis “Knight of Light” Kaskamanidis

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