Jackal-Cry of The Jackal (Pure Undergound)

11 Dec


Jackal was a Dutch heavy metal band back in the ‘80s. You shouldn’t be confused with the Danish band with the same name that has four full length albums. The band released only this EP in 1989 and now it is active once again.

“Cry of the Jackal”, which has a really nice cover, was only released privately in 500 copies back then. This is the release of the EP along with 5 (!) unreleased tracks from the demos that the band had (two songs from their 1987 demo and three tracks from “The Secret Inside” demo). The style of the band is traditional mid-paced heavy metal. The whole CD stands on a really good level but I would say that “Nightmare”, “Lost and Found”, “Dinosaur Invasion”, “Solution” and “Enchantress” stand out. The technical level of the band is good and the same goes for the song writing level of Jackal. 

In conclusion this is a really good release for the fans of traditional metal and it is also limited to 500 CD copies and 250 vinyl copies so hurry up!



                                                       8.5/10 Ioannis “Knight of Light” Kaskamanidis


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