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Genre:  Epic/ Progressive metal

Origin: Italy


Irae Melanox, Full Length 1988

Broken History, Full Length 2005

Light From Oblivion, Full Length 2012

Current line-up:

Vittorio Ballerio- vocals

Sigfrido Percich- Drums

Gianluca Corona- Guitars

Fabio Troiani- Guitars

SarMax- Bass

Current label: Pure Prog (subdivision of Pure Steel Records)

Official site:



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Scarlatyna-Till The End (Pure Underground Records)

This is the new release of Pure Underground Records, which is one of the branches of Pure Steel Records.The album is a compilation of this German metal band. Scarlatyna was formed in 1987 in Germany. They released three demos in 1989, 1991 and 1992 respectively. This compilation has their 1991 and 1992 demos. Read the rest of this entry »

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Fatal Morgana-In Quiet Us (Steel Gallery)

This is the first E.P release of FATAL MORGANA released by the oldest active Greek metal label. FATAL MORGANA is a well hidden Greek metal gem. For those who don’t know them they play technical power metal with some progressive metal elements. This release contains the two songs (“Close at Hand”, “In Read the rest of this entry »

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Innosense – Outcast (Steel Gallery)

This is the first album of this greek progressive metal band. The band comes from Larisa a city of central Greece which has given good bands of various metal subgenres in the past!! The band has also released a demo back in 2007. The album is good for its genre, the production is as it should be for the style that they Read the rest of this entry »

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