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Thugsten Axe-Swedish Iron (Iron Shield Records)

thugsten axe

This is the first album of this Swedish metal band that was formed back in 2009. The band released
a demo cassette a couple of years ago. Thugsten Axe’s style is traditional heavy metal. One of the basic influences of the band is the mighty Swedish group HEAVY LOAD. Read the rest of this entry »

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Dead Lord-Dead Lord (High Roller)

Dead Lord is a new Swedish band in which participate members of Enforcer, Morbus Chron, Kongh and The Scams. The style of this Stockholm based band is hard rock with some metal elements and they are mainly influenced by Thin Lizzy. Read the rest of this entry »

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Rockarollas-The War of Steel Has Begun (Stormspell Records)

This is the debut album of Rockarollas, who are a new band from Sweden offering us a first taste of how they sound! We don’t know much about them, but the guys have a cover from Steel’s “Heavy Metal Machine” album. This cover is really like the original song made by Steel so we probably have some common members in these Read the rest of this entry »

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Steelwing-Lord of the wasteland (Noise Art Records)

This is the first full length album of this new Swedish metal band! STEELWING play classic heavy metal the way it should be played. One of their basic influences is definitely IRON MAIDEN!! The album is really good and doesn’t tire you because it doesn’t last so much. The songs are all good but I could say that some of them Read the rest of this entry »

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