Warfare – New age of total Warfare (Southworld Records)

29 Apr

This a compilation of this known NWOBHM band. Warfare released five full length albums and an EP during the ’80s (well their last album was released in 1990!!). Their sound though isn’t the typical NWOBHM sound. Warfare have a more in your face approach with songs fast and furious. Their style is closer to bands like Motorhead, Tank, Atomkraft, Venom (without being so dark though) etc than the  typical NWOBHM stuff. Lemmy made the production for the “Metal Anarchy” album, Algy Ward (Tank)  made the sound for “Pure Filth” album and Cronos (Venom) did the same for Mayhem Fucking Mayhem”. So here we have a band which doesn’t hide its influences!! So their songs are fast, they have rough vocals and raw sound and they are small in duration.  The band is good in what they do!! The present collection is quite big containing 16 tracks. The tracks that I liked more are the homonym track of the compilation and “Metal anarchy”. In conclusion this is an interesting compilation for the ones that they haven’t heard anything from the band!!

                                    Unofficial site:

                                    7,5/10 Ioannis “Knight of Light” Kaskamanidis


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